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Latest edition: March 2019

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Original tape date: February 1, 2019.

First aired: March 5, 2019.

All New Asian American Life – Episode 62 Airs March 5th – Hosted by Ernabel Demillo

Southeast Asian Deportation
Immigration is a hot topic, but while most everyone is focusing on the southern border, the U.S. government is quietly deporting Southeast Asian refugees – many who have been here most of their lives.
Reporter: Ernabel Demillo
Guest 1: Justin Srey, Mekong NYC
Guest 2: Chhaya Chhoum, Executive Director Mekong NYC
Guest 3: Licelle Cobrador, Immigration Attorney

Black Seed Bagel
The bagel is a New York City staple, but Dianna Daoheung, a James Beard nominated baker, is putting a new twist to an old tradition.
Reporter: Rayner Ramirez
Guest: Dianna Daoheung, Executive Chef and Partner of Black Seed Bagel

One Korean American organization is taking story telling to a whole new level. KoreanAmericanStory.Org produces multimedia stories about the Korean American community.
Reporter: Kyung Yoon
Guest 1: HJ Lee, Co-Founder, KoreanAmericanStory.Org
Guest 2: Theresa Choh Lee, Co-Founder, KoreanAmericanStory.Org

Cuban Chinese Cuisine
There are a lot of great restaurants to choose from in New York City, but one of the popular cuisines to catch any visitors eye is Cuban Chinese Food, which has a unique history of its own.
Reporter: Tinabeth Pina
Guest 1: Richie Lam, Dinastia Manager
Guest 2: Ernesto Perez Chang, Author “La Cocina De Lose Chinos En Cuba”
Guest 3: Marco Britti, Restauranteur, Calle Dao

Guest List

Chhaya Chhoum Executive Director, Mekong NYC

Marie Licelle Cobrador Attorney, Cobrador & Associates

HJ Lee Co-Founder,

Theresa Choh Lee Founder, KoreanAmericanStory.Org

Justin Srey Member, Mekong NYC

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