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This edition: Dam Street (Hong Yan)

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Episode Details

(2005/China, 93 min. color, drama, in Mandarin and Sichuan with English subtitles) Dir.: Li Yu. Cast: Liu Yi, Liu Rui, Huang Xingrao, Li Kechun, Wang Yizhu. In a small town in China in the early 1980s, a 16-year-old girl gets pregnant and is forced to give up the baby for adoption. Ten years later, estranged from family and community, the girl works as a singer in a local song-and-dance troupe and her only friend is a fiercely protective boy. When a marriage proposal comes her way, her life changes-on all fronts. Discussion guest: Xudong Zhang, New York University.

Guest List

Xudong Zhang Professor of Comparative Literature & East Asian Studies; Director of China , New York University