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Latest edition: Carlota Santana-Flamenco Vivo, Sol Aguirre, I am a dreamer

Episode Details

First aired: March 14, 2019.

Nueva York dedicates this episode to highlight the work of Latino women: At Instituto Cervantes, author/blogger, Sol Aguirre talks about her blog Las claves de Sol and how NY has inspired her to write her books. Patricio Lerzundi interviews Carlota Santana about Flamenco Vivo, the dance company she founded as a way to preserve flamenco roots in U.S. In Brooklyn, as part of the series I am a dreamer, the members of Cosecha, Denisse and Vicky share their experiences as activists supporting undocumented immigrants.

Guest List

Sol Aguirre Writer/Blogger, Las Claves de Sol

Carlota Santana Director/Founder, Flamenco Vivo

Denisse Vicky Organizer, Movimiento Cosecha

  • Carlota Santana-Flamenco Vivo, Sol Aguirre, I am a dreamer
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