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This edition: I am a dreamer, 2

Episode Details

Original tape date: January 3, 2019.

First aired: January 17, 2019.

In this episode, new chapters of the "I AM A DREAMer" series. Sam continues the search
for his brother Eliezer, apprehended by agents of ICE. He seeks advice from activist
Ángelo Cabrera, who suggests he ask the support of Sanctuary Movement during this process. Then, in Brooklyn Promenade, Dennise meets Vicky, and they discuss the latest actions taken by Movimiento Cosecha and their vision for the future. Zulu meets Juan Carlos
Pinto, a Guatemalan painter with whom he shares his passion for migratory birds. They speak about the need for Latino artists to come together in the face
of the current situation. Ash reflects about what truly represents the cancellation of DACA, the good news about Eliezer's release, and he closes the chapter in concert with his band Luca. Finally, Maury interviews Eliezer a few days after he was released from
ICE's detention center. Eliezer gives him an account and his reflections on his time in detention.

Guest List

Maury Ayora Activist

Angelo Cabrera Activista, Movimiento Santuario

Dennise Callejas Movimiento Cosecha

Ash Gonzalez Dreamer / Musician, “I am a Dreamer”

Sam Peralta DREAMer

  • Carlota Santana-Flamenco Vivo, Sol Aguirre, I am a dreamer
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