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Latest edition: Short Docs | Children in Gold - Three Documentary Poems

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Original tape date: February 14, 2019.

First aired: February 14, 2019.

Irina Patkanian’s “Children in Gold” is an intimate documentation of Syrian child refugees as they first disembark on Lesbos, Greece in the fall of 2015. Upon landing, the children calm down remarkably fast and are quickly wrapped in golden thermal blankets. The gold foil, quite eerie at first, morphs into regal finery and turns the frightened children from a foreign land into precious gifts to us all – wondrous, beautiful, and completely undeserved, they carry mystery and hope with them into the future. This film was granted the Best Short Documentary Award at 2017’s Peace on Earth Film Festival in Chicago, IL

Guest List

Irina Patkanian Fillmaker and Educator, Brooklyn College - CUNY