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Latest edition: "THEATER: All the Moving Parts" Premiere

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Original tape date: February 11, 2019.

First aired: March 15, 2019.

Welcome to the premiere of the monthly theater interview program "THEATER: All the Moving Parts." Hosted by Emmy-winning commentator and journalist Patrick Pacheco, this new show features in-depth interviews with a myriad of artists, including directors, choreographers, writers, designers, composers, and others – all the often unheralded professionals behind the scenes who are crucial to the success of any stage production.

This premiere features Pacheco's conversation with the renowned playwright Theresa Rebeck ("Downstairs", Bernhardt/Hamlet"), one of the country's most prolific writers not only for the stage but also television and motion pictures. In the interview, Rebeck talks of the cost of being a writer, noting that she tells her students, “Being a playwright will ruin your life. So if you’re going to do this, then make it count. Write about something big. Make it epic. Leave blood on the floor.”

Guest List

Theresa Rebeck Playwright

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