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CUNY TV Digital Series presents SHADES OF U.S.

Four-Part Miniseries Begins Tuesday, December 5 (2017) on, YouTube and Facebook

Beginning Tuesday, December 5 (2017), CUNY TV DIGITAL SERIES introduces Shades of U.S., a four-part web-only miniseries containing stories of people who are exploring their multiracialism and journey of self-identification in a time of dramatic shifts in the demographics of the American population. Each episode is posted online weekly on Tuesdays.
Shades Of U.S. producer Darrell Brown – a longtime New Yorker, born and raised – has always been fascinated with the diversity of the city. The son of two Black parents, he only understands that side of how he identifies. As part of the audience, he looks to understand what it means for multicultural individuals to find their own ways of exploring race and self-identification. Brown serves as the principal interviewer of subjects in each of the four episodes.
Developed by CUNY TV producers, CUNY TV Digital Series each month encompasses subjects as diverse as arts, history, race and identity, the LGBTQ community, women's issues, and other topics of social impact.
Episode 1
Shades Of U.S., producer Darrell Brown interviews filmmaker Octavio Warnock-Graham, who shares his story of growing up in the Midwest with questions about his racial identity. Seeking answers from his Caucasian mother and discovering that his estranged father is African American, he finds new relationships that help him to reconcile his individuality.
Episode 2
Shades Of U.S., producer Darrell Brown interviews Professor of Painting and Drawing at York College Nina Buxenbaum. In her paintings, Buxenbaum shares her interpretation of being a woman with her racial identity of Jewish and African-American, emphasizing a “double identity” style.

Episode 3
Jewish comedian Alex Barnett and his African American wife Camille discuss their concerns as a multiracial couple. Mr. Barnett reflects on his journey as a husband, father, performer, and activist for the multiracial community. He strives to communicate with his audience through his comic-strip called “The Bronze Panther” featuring a bi-racial superhero, as well as his website (

Episode 4
Shades Of U.S., producer Darrell Brown interviews painter Tim Okamura, whose art blends graffiti and realism depicting New York City’s diverse inhabitants. Born and raised in Canada, with his background being Newfoundland and Japanese, Okamura and his art focuses on a slice of life in the United States that allows him to express his racial identity.

Producer Darrell Brown
Darrell Brown has an MFA in TV Production from Brooklyn College. He is a producer, cameraperson, and editor, currently working on studio and field productions for CUNY TV series, many of which have been nominated for New York Emmys. Brown also utilizes his production skills for a variety of projects outside of the station.

CUNY TV DIGITAL SERIES is developed and coordinated by Emmy Award-winning producer Jose Luis Orbegozo under the supervision of Susan Iger, CUNY TV's Director of Programming, and CUNY TV’s Interim Executive Director, Gail R. Yancosek.