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CUNY TV Digital Series Presents MERLIN'S PEOPLE LIKE ME!

Four-Part Miniseries Begins Tuesday, January 9 (2018) on, YouTube and Facebook

Beginning Tuesday, January 9 (2018), CUNY TV DIGITAL SERIES introduces a four-part web-only miniseries Merlin’s People Like Me! produced by CUNY TV New Media Producer Merlin B. Fahey II. With each short film, Merlin seeks to start a dialogue leading to a greater understanding of the complex nature of gender & sexual identity in the LGBTQI community – and provide a basis for future discussions.

The premiere episode, Definitions, attempts to define terms that have come to represent the LGBTQI community. Each additional episode features interviews with friends willing to talk about their personal lives, dreams for the future, and evolving life’s work. Each episode will be posted online weekly on successive Tuesdays throughout January.

Developed by CUNY TV producers, CUNY TV DIGITAL SERIES each month encompasses subjects as diverse as arts, history, race and identity, the LGBTQI community, women's issues, and other topics of social impact.

Following are episode descriptions, links to episodes, and dates of availability:

Episode 1: (begins January 9)
Merlin’s People Like Me! begins with Definitions. It makes sense to start the series by attempting to define basic terms around Gender and Sexual Identity prior to interviews with members of LGBTQI community. CUNY TV New Media Producer Merlin B. Fahey II is not trying to be “PC” – rather, he is hoping that his researched definitions will lead to discussions of what being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Intersex really means. Merlin invites everyone to come to the table in hope of a greater mutual understanding.

Episode 2: (begins January 16)
Neil Arthur James is the masterful magician behind a new and fascinating icon of gay theater, Dandy Darkly, whose fame has spread in Provincetown, New York City, Tampa/Orlando, New Orleans, Portland (Maine), Edinburgh – and all points in between. In this episode of Merlin’s People Like Me! producer Merlin B. Fahey II interviews Neil to reveal the life and times of one of his favorite storytellers.

Episode 3: (begins January 23)
Bejay Rose began his career on 8th Street in the East Village, where he promoted raves that evolved into work as a Club Kid at the peak of nightlife in the city. Bejay is also known for producing his own events, including one of the first Gay Punk Rock Parties in New York, and he still has found time to work in television and act in films. In this episode of Merlin’s People Like Me! producer Merlin B. Fahey II interviews Bejay about his many lives.

Episode 4: (begins January 30)
Santos J. Arce is a Brooklyn TransCore/Pop/Punk bass player in the band Trashy, who supports the Transgender community with his music and organizational skills, helping to unite the world of Punk Rock music. Merlin’s People Like Me! producer Merlin B. Fahey II invited Santos to talk about his early life, his transformation from a “tiny little kid” learning to play a Quatro, to the musical rebel he has become – revealing the man he is today.

Producer Merlin B. Fahey II
CUNY TV New Media Producer Merlin B. Fahey II is a retired actor who received a B.A in Theater/Art at Centenary College of Louisiana, while touring the East Coast with the ensemble group The Everyman Players. Growing up in a military family, Merlin has traveled from Anchorage to Berlin, and has experienced firsthand many of the Western World’s treasures. Since joining CUNY TV he has won two New York Emmys working with some of great talent creating shows for the station.

CUNY TV DIGITAL SERIES is developed and coordinated by Emmy Award-winning producer Jose Luis Orbegozo under the supervision of Susan Iger, CUNY TV's Director of Programming, and CUNY TV’s Interim Executive Director, Gail R. Yancosek.