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This edition: Talk Mogadishu: Media Under Fire; Living in Exile (Myanmar refugees in Thailand)

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Original tape date: November 1, 2007.


It has been said that information is the oxygen of democracy. Nowhere is an independent media more needed than in a place like Somalia – which has seen over sixteen years of violence at the hands of domestic warlords and foreign troops. Somali journalists face untold dangers. Here is the story of a group of brave individuals and the terrible price they’ve paid to provide neutral reporting and a dialogue for peace in Somalia.


In Thailand, a large resettlement program is underway to resolve one of Asia’s most protracted and forgotten refugee problems. For nearly two decades, tens of thousands of Karen, an ethnic minority displaced by civil war in neighboring Myanmar, have lived in limbo in camps along the Thai border. Some Karen are now offered an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Host: Daljit Dhaliwal.