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This edition: Costa Rica: Green or Gold?; Senegal: Beyond Tradition; Yerevan: The Paper Garden

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Original tape date: November 22, 2010.

Costa Rica: Gold Or Green?
Costa Rica has a reputation as a peaceful oasis in Central America, a region that is often ravaged by war. It is also proud of its rain forests and animal life. But the lure of gold is putting the country’s environmental policies to the test.

Senegal: Beyond Tradition
It’s painful and it alters women forever. But female circumcision is a traditional practice in many parts of the world. Up to 140 million women and girls have been cut but opposition against the practice is growing. Senegal, a West African country, says it wants to eliminate cutting in 5 years

Yerevan: The Paper Garden
Many people round the world live in concrete jungles, but not too many young schoolboys try to change those jungles into a garden. Here’s one boy’s story from Armenia.

Host: Daljit Dhaliwal.