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This edition: Malawi: Standing Up for Women's Rights; Jordan: In the Name of Honour; Egypt: The Girl who Dreamed of School

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Original tape date: December 27, 2010.

Malawi: Standing up for Women's Rights
In many traditional cultures, women aren’t allowed to own or inherit property. Losing a husband through death or divorce can be a guarantee of poverty. But two women in Malawi have defied that fate.

Jordan: In the name of Honor
If you’re a woman, there are places in the world where simply smiling at a man or refusing an arranged marriage can get you killed. But one country in the Middle East is leading the fight to stop these crimes.

Egypt: The girl who Dreamed of School
In rural Egypt, if you’re young and female, your prospects of going to school are dim. But one young girl now has a chance to dream.
Host: Daljit Dhaliwal