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This edition: Dr. Congo's "Child Witches"; Palestine: Bread-Winner, Bread Maker; Argentina: Dreaming of a Clean River

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Original tape date: May 23, 2011.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: DRC's "Child Witches"

Children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the DRC have had their share of dangers: the country’s civil war has killed millions of people, left a nation traumatized and families struggling in poverty. But in recent years DRC’s children are facing a new threat – being cast out of their own homes and forced to undergo dangerous rituals - all in the name of superstition.

Palestine: Bread Winner, Bread Maker

In a land torn apart by years of bitter conflict, the daily struggle to survive is an ongoing battle. Feeding the family is a constant challenge. We travel to the Occupied Palestinian Territory to meet some inspirational women who are bringing hope to thousands.

Argentina: Dreaming of a Clean River

One of the world’s most polluted rivers flows through Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires and threatens the health of the city’s poorest people. Now, one determined nine-year-old girl and her tenacious mother have decided enough is enough.