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This edition: Guatemala: The War on Drug Violence, Youth Taking Back Control; Japan: An Idea Takes Root; Somalia: Voice from the Frontline

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Original tape date: December 23, 2011.

Guatemala: The War On Drug Violence, Youth Taking Back Control

In Guatemala, the drug war rages on as deadly cartels from neighbouring Mexico set their sights on parts of the country. But many of Guatemala's youth are fighting back, not through violence, but by making their voices heard. Can it make a difference?

Japan: An Idea Takes Root
In many parts of the world, flower growers struggle to make a living, but one farmer’s collective in Northern Japan has discovered creative new ways to prosper ...and their ingenuity is fast becoming a model for growers worldwide.

Somalia: Voice From The Frontline

For more than 2 decades, Somalia in the horn of Africa has been in turmoil - civil war has killed and injured millions of people and left the country with little infrastructure and next to no health care. But one man is striving to make a difference. We join him on the frontlines of his struggle to save lives.