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This edition: South Africa's Legal Legacy; Mexico: African Migrants; The Republic of Congo: The Fight Againts Cholera

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Original tape date: May 22, 2012.

South Africa: Coal's Lethal Legacy
The world is becoming desperately short of fresh water, threatening our very survival. In South Africa, the country’s water supply is at risk as the nation’s energy needs grow. Can this be turned around before it’s too late?

Mexico: African Migrants
Mexico has long been a haven for poor migrants from Latin America. But this is a story about an unexpected group of people who have travelled much farther in search of a place to call home. This is where their journey into Mexico begins.

Republic Of Congo: The Fight Against Cholera
The disease is carried by the source of life – water – but it can lead to death within hours. Cholera recently swept through the Republic of the Congo in central Africa with deadly effect – but now efforts are under way to protect the country’s most vulnerable people.