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This edition: China: Women Shape a New Future; Ghana: An Education Revolution; Rwanda: Forging a New Future

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China: Women Shape a New Future
Across rural China, there's a transformation occurring. More and more women are stepping out of their traditional roles and into positions of power. We travel to a remote region of China to meet women leaders who are shaping a new future for their country.

Ghana: An Education Revolution
Across the world, tens of millions of children are missing out on an education. But there is hope. Enrolment worldwide is increasing and now there's a new tool that's bringing education straight into the hands of children. Our cameras take you to Ghana where we explore how a simple technology is poised to revolutionize education.

Rwanda: Forging a New Future
Rwanda: It was home to one of the worst genocides ever witnessed. But the country has emerged ... slowly repairing itself. We bring you the story of this nation's newfound strength and renewed promise.