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This edition: Pakistan: The Power of Youth; Qatar: Sweet Epidemic; Mongolia's Children: Reaching Out for Education

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Pakistan: The Power of Youth
Pakistan - it's a country rich in culture and history, but it's also a country struggling with rising threats of terrorism and in some regions, radical ideology. But now, many of Pakistan's youth are fighting back, determined to shape a future of prosperity ....and peace.

Qatar: Sweet Epidemic
Every five seconds, someone, somewhere develops diabetes. Every 10 seconds, someone dies of it. The illness is exploding at staggering rates, and perhaps nowhere more so than in the Gulf region. But one nation there is taking action and finding creative ways to stop the problem, before it's too late. We travel to Qatar.....

Mongolia's Children: Reaching Out for Education
Mongolia's breathtaking landscapes are home to many nomadic families. But with this lifestyle comes challenges. Educating children who never stay long in one place long is extremely difficult. But now one group has come up with a solution to help educate many of these children on the move.