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This edition: Philippines: Bottleman; Sierra Leone: Overcoming the Legacy of War; India: No Toilet, No Bride

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Episode Details

Original tape date: December 5, 2013.

First aired: December 5, 2013.

Philippines - Bottleman
Turning on a light at the flick of a switch is something many people take for granted. But for one fifth of the world’s population, it’s simply not an option, relegating them to a life of “energy poverty”.

India - No toilet, no bride
It’s no secret… basic sanitation helps stem the spread of disease and improves health. And living without access to clean and safe toilets can flush opportunity down the drain.

Sierra Leone - Overcoming the legacy of war
Sierra Leone’s particularly brutal civil war left its people with a terrible legacy. Tens of thousands are now disabled, as a result of savage amputations of limbs by rebels.