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This edition: Thailand: Losing Ground; Sierra Leone: Democracy at the Crossroads; India: the Power of Pine Needles

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First aired: February 6, 2014.

Thailand: Losing Ground
For many of the world's indigenous people, loss of their traditional lands threatens their very survival and their cultures could simply disappear. In Thailand, indigenous women have joined the fight for justice -- and for the future of their people.

Sierra Leone: Democracy at the Crossroads
For some, democracy is nothing more than a lofty ideal... difficult to achieve and even more challenging to maintain. But after a decade of civil war in Sierra Leone, there is NO other alternative... two young men working together to nurture their country's infant political system.

India: the Power of Pine Needles
Millions of people around the world, with no access to electricity, are destined to a life of poverty. But one couple in a remote part of India has found an innovative solution -- right under their feet -- showing that small-scale solutions can help solve big problems.