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This edition: Thailand: Fighting Domestic Violence; Ghana: Fake Medicine; India: Fishermen

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First aired: June 5, 2014.

Thailand: Fighting Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a tragic feature of millions of womens’ lives. But in Thailand, new efforts are underway to better protect women from violence at the hands of their partners. We follow the story of one young trainee police-officer, who’s dedicated to bringing change.

Ghana: Fake Medicines

Modern medicine has transformed lives around the world – protecting children and adults from diseases that would have killed in the past. But medicines are also big business – and at risk from corrupt traders – sometimes with dire consequences. We take you to Ghana.

India Fishermen

Freedom from a modern form of slavery – that was the aim of a small group of fishermen in a village on India’s southern coast. Could they escape the grasp of moneylenders who had controlled them for generations?