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This edition: Nicaragua: Acting Against Violence; Indonesia: Saved by Seaweed; The Durian Man

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Original tape date: September 13, 2014.

Nicaragua: Acting Against Violence
The sad truth about violence against women is that it’s not just the emotional and physical suffering that destroys lives. The ability of millions of women around the world to participate as equals in their countries is also diminished. In Nicaragua groups of determined women and men are now taking to the stage and acting against the violence.

Indonesia: Saved by Seaweed
From sushi to soup – seaweed appears in diets around the world – and now it’s providing an economic lifeline in remote parts of Indonesia. Fishermen in West Papua were struggling to make a living – until they turned to harvesting seaweed.

The Durian Man
Every year, millions of people around the world leave their countries in search of a better life. But migrating to a land of milk and honey is not always sweet. Meet one man in New York who's known nothing but work for the past fifteen years - all for his children.