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This edition: The Cook Islands; Chile's Forgotten Mining Towns; South Sudan - In Their Own Words

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First aired: December 4, 2014.

The Cook Islands - "Ocean Wealth"
A vast ocean, a cluster of tiny islands and deep down on the sea-bed a modern-day treasure. The Cook Islands in the South Pacific are facing a huge decision - we take you to one of the marine wonders of the world.

Chile's Forgotten Mining Towns
It’s an almost forgotten story in Chile – the miners who toiled under the desert sun and helped fuel the rise of today’s modern nation. For more than a hundred years, the mines produced saltpeter - a key ingredient for both gunpowder and fertilizer. But these heritage sites – now ghost towns - could be lost forever.

South Sudan - In their Own Words : Ken Payumo's Story
South Sudan descends into civil war. Can anyone protect the fleeing civilians? Ken Payumo’s story - in his own words.