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This edition: China; Nepal; Ukraine

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Episode Details

Original tape date: September 29, 2016.

First aired: October 6, 2016.

China: Electronic wastebasket

The digital revolution - smart phones, ipads, and computers – is leaving a digital mountain of e-waste. China is one of the largest producer – and discarder – of electronic devices. Now it’s looking for solutions.

Nepal: Rebuilding After the Earthquake

Nepal has a long way to go after the 2015 earthquake. Many children lost their parents – and their schools. Today, we look at how one village – and one family – is trying to rebuild.

Ukraine: Television Democracy

In 2014 Ukraine’s government was ousted by protestors calling for greater transparency and less corruption. Since then armed conflict has killed ten thousand and displaced millions – but hopes for a more open society have not gone away.