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This edition: #124 - Cuba; Congo; Sure We Can; In Their Own Words

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CUBA - THE MUSICAL LEGACY OF A MILLION SLAVES: Over the centuries more than one million African slaves were transported to Cuba. Today, their legacy can be heard in Cuba's music, blending African and Latin rhythms.

RUNNING FOR PEACE in CONGO: A refugee, who fled the Democratic Republic of Congo for the United States, discovered he had a talent for running. Now he's running for peace in both countries.

SURE WE CAN - RECYCLING IN NEW YORK CITY: Recycling plastics and tin cans is now commonplace around the world - but one group in New York has taken it to a new level. Doing what they can to save the planet.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: For young women in science it can be an uphill struggle - but Katherine Jin has already made an impact. Her story, in her own words.