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This edition: 2017: Mali, Seychelles; Japan

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First aired: January 8, 2018.

A look back on our most impactful stories from 2017: a young man’s story of danger and courage in Mali; coral crusaders in the Seychelles; and protecting Japan’s indigenous people.

Facing Daily Danger in Mali: A Peacekeper’s Tale
Across the world’s trouble-spots, Mali is one of the most dangerous places to be a United Nations peacekeeper.

Seychelles - Coral Crusaders
Surrounded by over a million square kilometres of Indian Ocean, the people of the Seychelles depend on the sea for everything. But climate change is threatening their future.

Japan’s Indigenous People: Protecting An Identity
Japan’s indigenous people – the Ainu – were once in danger of dying out as an ethnic group. In the past they faced assimilation policies by the government. But today, many are striving to help their culture live on.