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This edition: Olivia J. Hooker, Tulsa Race Riot Survivor, and Reggie Turner, Filmmaker, "I Survived"

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Original tape date: November 18, 2008.

This week on African American Legends, Dr. Brown is joined by Dr. Olivia J. Hooker, Tulsa Race Riot Survivor and Reggie Turner, filmmaker, "Before they Die". In 1921, the lives of many in Tulsa, Oklahoma and African Americans everywhere were changed.  Tulsa's race riot was considered the worst riot in history, leaving today 67 survivors. Reggie Turner documented this event in a film entitled, "Before they Die". Tune in to hear more about this event that affected history from the filmmaker and one of its survivors.

Guest List

Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, Jr. Director, Urban Education Policy Center, CUNY Graduate Center.

Dr. Olivia J. Hooker Tulsa Race Riot Survivor

Reggie Turner Filmmaker