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This edition: Painted in Mexico

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Original tape date: May 29, 2018.

First aired: July 5, 2018.

"PAINTED IN MEXICO: Spanish-American Art in Mexico at the Metropolitan Museum," features 18th Century art, painted in Mexico, focusing on the vitality and inventiveness of local artists of the period. More than 100 paintings are on display; half of them have never been seen before outside of Mexico.

Religious themes dominated; stories about local saints, including the Virgin of Guadalupe and others, were told through the paintings.

Casta Paintings, portraits of racially mixed families, were unique to Mexico. These portraits visualized the 18th Century caste system in Mexico, where everyone’s social and economic rank depended on bloodlines. European-born whites were on top, then, whites born in the Americas. Indigenous Indians and blacks were at the bottom. Non-religious subjects, portraits and landscapes are also represented.

Guest List

Ronda Kasl Curator of Latin American Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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