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This edition: The Tale of Genji, Part Two

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 4, 2019.

First aired: April 2, 2019.

The Tale of Genji (Part Two) features the first major exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, focusing on the artistic tradition inspired by a classic work of Japanese literature, "The Tale of Genji." Written by Murasaki Shikibu in the early eleventh-century imperial court, the tale is often referred to as the world's first novel.

The exhibition features more than 120 works inspired by the novel, covering the period from the eleventh century to the present.

In Part Two, Harvard professor Melissa McCormick, curator of the exhibition, continues the tour of Japanese art, focusing on female Japanese artists of the past thousand years; John T. Carpenter, Curator of Japanese Art, at the Met, introduce the Japanese painting schools and the large screen painting tradition; Monika Bincsik, assistant curator of Japanese Art at the Met demonstrates the influence of Genji art on Japanese marriage traditions.

Guest List

Monika Bincsik Assistant Curator of Japanese Art , The Metropolitan Museum of Art

John T. Carpenter Curator of Japanese Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Melissa McCormick Professor of Japanese Art and Culture, Harvard College