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This edition: Season 1, Episode #8

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Original tape date: October 28, 2005.

On this episode of “Art or Something Like It!,” Remy Delaroque, Elias, Kamal Imani, and Melanie Shatsky come on the show to discuss their respective arts.

Melanie Shatsky is a photographer in New York City. She is drawn to photography because it has a certain relation to reality that is unparalleled to any other art. She is inspired by discomfort, putting herself in uncomfortable positions in order to capture a different reaction within her photography. She enjoys photographing strange real things in order to get a reaction from her audience.

Kamal Imani is a spoken word artist and performer. He is focused on inspiring people to become educated and spiritually elevated in order to understand the world around us. He analyzes himself from time to time in order to reflect on how he has changed and how his art has changed over time.

Elias is a movie maker. He acts, directs, produces and edits his own movies. His beginnings were as an actor and gradually he learned many trades through this. He enjoys controlling many of the film’s aspects because it allows him to shape the film in a way that he sees fit.

Remy Delaroque is a French- native born musician now living in New York City. He discusses the craziness of life and the unexpected acts within the world that have influenced his music, specifically looking at the 9/11 terrorist attacks. His lyrics are written to impact others and to understand his views.