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This edition: Season 1, Episode #10

Episode Details

Original tape date: November 11, 2005.

On this episode of “Art or Something Like It!,” Jessica Delfino, Bill Etra, Antonia Katrandjieva, and Edward Weiss discuss their artistic talents within New York City.
Edward Weiss is a painter who gets a lot of his influence from representational art and pin-up art. He says he has combined these two types of arts in order to create some of his paintings. He discusses artists who did not sell any paintings, yet they are now famous, as well as his marketing strategy for selling his paintings.
Antonia Katrandjieva is a theater director, choreographer and yoga instructor. She writes her own scripts and tries to make new and provocative pieces to inspire others. She discusses her past and present influences for performing and writing.
Bill Etra is an artist specializing with the use of a video synthesizer. He creates interesting pieces in which he manipulates an image or video using the video synthesizer. He discusses the versatility of the video synthesizer machine and the new technology accompanied with it.
Jessica Delfino is a “dirty folk-rock” musician. She performs across New York City and is a big advocate of freedom of speech. She discusses her past and what influenced her to begin to perform on stages and create songs.

Guest List

Jessica Delfino Musician

Bill Etra Film/Video Artist

Antonia Katrandiieva Performance Artist

Edward Weiss Visual Artist