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This edition: Season 1, Episode #12

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Original tape date: November 25, 2005.

From the Mind of New York Artist Mike.A Currently a Creative Director for Entertainment Company. Pop Artist: Acrylic on canvas then Airbrushed. His work is best described as “Dr. Seuss on drugs.”
Kate Brehm is also artistic director of imnotlost, which produces 'Slutty Puppets' and 'Puke', semi-regular, cabaret evenings of puppets and variety hosted by Kate as 'Raise Plow'. In addition, imnotlost supports the production of art exhibits, multi-media performance events, bizarre theatrics, and critical thinking by mapping out repetitive patterns of mischief with puppetry, dance, art, technology, and star-crossed intellectual concepts.

Melissa Ulto, aka VJ Miixxy, is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, photographer, filmmaker and VJ (video jockey). She utilizes her unique visuals with live cameras at nightclub and concert events. Her blog is syndicated and her multimedia works are shown online and in galleries internationally.

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players take vintage slide collections obtained from random collections and turn the lives of anonymous deceased strangers into pop rock musical exposes. TFSP are an authentic family band who have performed around the world since 2000.

Guest List

Mike A. Visual Artist

Kate Brehm Performance Artist

The Trachtenburg Family Slide Show Players Musicians

Melissa Ulto Film/Video Artist