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This edition: Season 1, Episode #13

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Original tape date: December 2, 2005.

Featuring artist S. Kaye Klein: “Originally trained as a painter from age 5, my passion for working with color and form never wanes. Color invigorates, scintillates, and speakes to us on a subliminal level beyond linguistics and logic.”

David Letterman said of Tyler Fyre: “That guy can do it all.” Master of Ceremonies, Daredevil, Fire Eater, Escape Artist, Sword Swallower, Human Blockhead, Glass Eater & Bed of Nails!

Writer / Director Jordan Schachter has recently completed filming of his first feature film, "The Legacy of Walter Frumm." Jordan has directed over 30 short films: "Scorpions," which he wrote, co-directed and produced was based on the Newberry Award Winning novel by that name and was distributed through Random House. His short film, shot on 35mm, "Look Across The Street" was a finalist in the highly competitive Kodak Cinematic Images Competition.

Showtime at the Apollo winner Big Brooklyn Red uses true artistry, improvisation and his powerful voice and unbelievable presence as his only gimmick. Set to Release his sophomore album, entitled Big Brooklyn Red's Greatest Hits V.8., the international recording artist shares residence between Miami and New York City.

Guest List

Big Brooklyn Red Musicians

Tyler Fyre Performance Artist

S. Kaye Klein Visual Artist

Jordan Schachter Film/Video Artist