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This edition: Spiritually Air-headed Tapeworm or Pieces of Mainstream

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Original tape date: November 10, 2006.

This episode features artist Molly Crabapple showing off some of her “snarky Victorian art,” as she describes the thought processes behind some of her best-known pieces such as “Trixie and the tapeworm.” Japanese born singer/ songwriter Miwa takes to the stage with a somewhat country western blues feel to her work. Next we have filmmaker Adam Barnick, giving us a peak at his short film Mainstream. Dark and mostly absent of dialogue, this picture focuses on a man being prodded with all sorts of instruments, as he is strapped to a table. To wrap up the episode we have Kanene Holder, an actress, writer and producer of her one-woman show entitled Sitchaassdown. The show features a multitude of different characters that express Kanene’s beliefs through colorful monologues.

Special guest John Leavitt drops in to introduce Molly, Adam Matta will be performing part 1 of his vocal vignette series on “AOSLI!”, and be sure to look out for Jihad Jerry (AKA Gerald V. Casale from DEVO), as he is bound to show up somewhere.   Sit back,  relax and enjoy the show!

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