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This edition: Gatorman's Minx or Illuminated Antifolk

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Original tape date: December 15, 2006.

Come along as ART Or Something Like It! meets up with multimedia artist and writer Andrea Grant. Grant's writing comes from real life experiences and moods which she then twists around and expresses in her art form. Minx, a comic book character that Grant has created, is the story of a woman who was bitten by a super natural wolf and thrown into a coma. Her sleeping state is that of a realm called Dreamtime where she is trained to become a warrior by the queen of this transient realm.

Next we have Jerrod Bogard, a writer, filmmaker and theater artist who is getting some real attention from critics and film festivals these days. His play “Hugging the Shoulder” takes a look at the relationship between two brothers who end up on a cross country road trip together as one struggles with a heroine addiction.

Carol Salmanson gives us a look at many of her unique light sculptures and paintings as she talks about what goes into creating her pieces. Models are created to plan out the curvatures and realize any problems that could arise before the final version is attempted. Working with the medium of light, Salmanson is able to highlight artworks by making florescent backdrops or simply creating works of art out of the lighting fixtures themselves.

Rapping up the episode is a singer/song writer Lach. Among his many talents, Lach plays the guitar and the piano. His style of music is a genre referred to as “antifolk,” which originated in the mid-80s. Rooted in the styles of punk rock and American fold music, antifolk combines the feeling of these two genres while adding in a political angle and a punk rock attitude.

Guest List

Jerrod Bogard

Andrea Grant


Mark Lach Creative Director, Premier Exhibitions

Carol Salmanson

Jung Lee Sanders Founder/Director, Art Projects International

Richard Tsao Artist & Designer