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This edition: Governmental Comic Books or Experience Sneakas

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Episode Details

Original tape date: January 12, 2007.

Special Guests:
Scott McCloud
Todd Robbins
Al Boogie

Presenting one of the most artistically diverse episodes yet!

From zombies to opera, Hip Hop and shoes, with this new episode, you just can't lose!

Filmmaker Matt Kohn enjoys tackling issues, such as the way people relate to the environment around them and the progression of technology and its impact on human nature. In this segment, we see a few clips from the films Sea Level Inferno, Rosa X-rays Joe and Call it Democracy. The most recent of Kohn's films, Call it Democracy, is a documentary covering the confusion and aftermath of the 2000 presidential election. With opinions and factual information collected from 40 filmmakers across the nation, Call it Democracy picks up where the media left off their coverage of the historic election.

Come along as we take a look inside the Experience Vocal Dance Company to view a performance art, which combines acting, dance, and opera. The artistic director of the company, Experience Bryon, explains her reasons for creating the art form and the challenges it brought forward. You will also be able to take in performance and rehearsal excerpts of several pieces including “When I Am Laid in Earth,” and “Rowing to Atlantis.”

Dive into a world of zombies, wolves, flesh-eating monsters and other hideous creatures of a demented nature. Comic book writer and illustrator Jeff Zornow takes us inside the depths of his dark and twisted mind so that we may somewhat understand how and why he creates his frightening tales. Originally trained by a D.C. horror comics icon, Zornow has fine-tuned his talents since first scribbling in a notebook at the age of 13. However, he remains true to his love of all things hair-raising.

Join hip-hop artist Sneakas as AOSLI checks out his crib, sneaker collection and a sneak peak of “Middle Eastern Jumpoff,” a song from Sneakas' latest album “In It For The Change.” A positive, forceful hip-hop artist, Sneakers aims to be a part of the change that he feels is necessary in hip-hop music. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Sneakas now resides in New York where he performs and records his music in an effort to entertain and educate the masses about Middle Eastern culture.

Guest List

Experience Vocal Dance

Matt Kohn Filmmaker

Sneakas Hip Hop Artist

Jeff Zornow Comic Book Artist