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This edition: Tang Shipwreck in New York

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Original tape date: May 11, 2017.

First aired: May 16, 2017.

A thousand year old Tang dynasty shipwreck exhibits in New York at Asia Society. Indonesian fishermen diving for sea cucumbers discovered a shipwreck off the Belitung Island. Its remarkable cargo originally included around 70 thousand ceramics produced in China, as well as luxurious objects of gold and silver. This shipwreck confirmed that, besides the land trading route “The Silk Road”— a maritime “Silk road” by sea also existed. It provides the proof of an active maritime trade in the ninth century between two powerful empires: The Tang Empire of China and the Abbasid empire in West Asia. Senior Curator Adriana Proser, and the tour guide Miryame Krogmeier gave the audience a brief introduction of the Tang ship and its remarkable cargo.

Guest List

Miryame Krogmeier Guide, Asia Society

Adriana Proser Senior Curator, Asia Society