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This edition: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties in New York

Episode Details

Original tape date: June 9, 2017.

First aired: June 23, 2017.

The program gives a brief overview of the Qin and Han dynasties, the most important dynasties in Chinese history. By using the unearthed art objects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibition "Age of Empires", the program reveals the life in China 2000 years ago. With more than 160 objects (sets) from 32 museums in the People’s Republic of China, the exhibition took 5 years for the Met to complete.

Chinese Art Curator Dr. Zhixin Jason Sun gives the audience an informative tour, almost every object in the show is original, except half-size replica models of two bronze Chariot models. The highlights of the exhibition include several terra cotta soldiers, dancers and musicians; a burial jade suit, and a Greco-Roman style sculpture to show the connection between China's Qin dynasty and Alexander the Great in the west.

Guest List

Dr. Zhixin Jason Sun, Ph.D. Curator of Chinese Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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