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This edition: Cosmic Buddhas in Himalayas

Episode Details

Original tape date: August 7, 2017.

First aired: August 26, 2017.

"Cosmic Buddhas in Himalayas" unlocks the complex world of Himalayan Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism), through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition.

This 8 minute program gives a brief history of Buddhism, especially Vajryana Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism), and explains in detail the famous "Five Wisdom Buddhas" system. Viewers will gain better understanding of Vajryana Buddhism, and learn how to read Tibetan Buddhism paintings and sculptures.

The exhibition is organized by Kurt Behrendt, Associate Curator in the Department of Asian Art at The Met, showcasing historic Buddhist art from the Himalaya region, dating from the 9th Century AD to the 19th Century. In addition to the ancient art works, modern footage of Tibet is also used.

Guest List

Kurt Behrendt Associate Curator, Department of Asian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art