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This edition: July 2018

Episode Details

Original tape date: July 10, 2018.

First aired: July 10, 2018.

On this month's Arts in the City: maestro Roger Nierenberg tells Mike Gilliam about The Music Paradigm; Donna Hanover visits the TADA! Youth Theater; author Stephen McCauley talks about his new book, “My Ex-Life”; Neil Rosen interviews Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin about their recent film, “Adrift”; and Barry Mitchell catches Catie Lazarus' hilarious Employee of the Month live show. Hosted by Carol Anne Riddell.

Guest List

Julian Amaro TADA! Youth Theater

Sam Claflin Actor, “Adrift” (2018)

Kayla Claudio TADA! Youth Theater

Ashley Figueroa TADA! Youth Theater

Christian Franklin TADA! Youth Theater

Zane Paris Gerson TADA! Youth Theater

Catie Lazarus Writer and Comedian, “Employee Of The Month”

Jon Luc-Larkin TADA! Youth Theater

Stephen McCauley Author, “My Ex-Life”

Lauralie Mufute TADA! Youth Theater

Roger Nierenberg Creator, The Music Paradigm

Janine Trevens TADA! Youth Theater

Lauren Wasson, MD New York-Presbyterian

Shailene Woodley Actress, “Adrift” (2018)