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This edition: September 2015

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Original tape date: August 14, 2015.

First aired: September 4, 2015.

This year’s deadly earthquake in Nepal killed thousands, devastating Kathmandu Valley, a city built by indigenous people known as the Newar. But even before the earthquake, their history and culture were in jeopardy. A new film Reviving Nepal Bhasa reveals a culture fighting extinction, as Minnie Roh reports.

While more Asian Americans preside as judges in US courtrooms, there’s more room for growth. That’s what Paul Lin learned after exclusive interviews with New York’s first Korean American woman judge and, on the federal level, a rare Asian American on the appellate level.

Why do a facelift when a traditional medical practice, facial acupuncture, can get the job done? Reporter Kyung Yoon explores the benefits of acupuncture and whether it can actually help you look younger.

Korean Dominican? Chinese Cuban? Almost a half a million Asian Latinos now live in the U.S, according to the last census, mostly in NY, Texas, and California. Reporter Tinabeth Piña explores this ethnic mix that truly shows that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Guest List

Judge Denny Chin Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Fabiana Chiu Chinese Peruvian

Dr. Debra Jaliman Dermatologist; Author, “Skin Rules”

Michael Jeon Korean Dominican

Dr. Edmund Kwan Plastic Surgeon, Edmund Kwan, M.D. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Maria Lau Chinese Cuban; Artist

Samir Maharjan New York Newa Guthi

Eduardo Oshiro Japanese Peruvian, Acuario Restaurant

Judge Kathryn S. Paek Judge, New York Criminal Court

Gerardo Renique History Professor, The City College of New York/CUNY

Linda Sanchez Facial Acupuncture Patient

Patrick Sears Executive Director, Rubin Museum of Art

Sam Shakya Filmmaker, “Reviving Nepal Bhasa”

L.Ac Deborah Sook Bang Licensed Acupuncturist & Clinic Director, Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

Prajwal R. Vajracharya Priest / Religious Leader

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