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This edition: Ed Rollins, political consultant

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Original tape date: June 10, 2008.

“Obama versus McCain! Let's get it on!” urges host Doug Muzzio as he welcomes Ed Rollins back to the show.

To help us get the 2008 Presidential Election is Ed Rollins, who has been “getting it on” in politics for 40 years. He served as a university administrator and political science professor - a political advisor to presidents and presidential candidates, to governors and Senators. He master-minded the historic 1984 Reagan landslide. Ed is an active member of the chattering classes, an often-quoted analyst and commentator and visitor here on “City Talk.”

Guest List

Prof. Douglas Muzzio Political Analyst, CUNY TV, Professor, School of Public Affairs, Baruch College/CUNY

Ed Rollins Political Strategist, Senior Presidential Fellow, Hofstra University