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This edition: Film: "Living for 32"

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Original tape date: January 28, 2013.

First aired: January 30, 2013.

Doug Muzzio describes the Sandy Hook killings as one of "the latest horrific acts of carnage...Columbine, Binghamton, Tuscon, Sikh Temple, Oregon Mall, Aurora, and on and on." He is joined by Jeremy Travis, president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY who reminds us of thwarted efforts in the past to control guns and gun violence.

This hour-long program includes the excellent film, "Living for 32" produced by Maria Cuomo Cole and directed by Kevin Breslin, about Colin Goddard, a survivor of the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, and his work with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Guest List

Prof. Douglas Muzzio Political Analyst, CUNY TV, Professor, School of Public Affairs, Baruch College/CUNY

Dr. Jeremy Travis President, John Jay College of Criminal Justice/ CUNY