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Prosperity - Environmental & Economic Documentary

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First aired: November 16, 2018.

A man looks at the planet and sees a world that needs changing, if not outright saving. But what impact can one person have? He takes a road trip across the Americas to find out. The man is Dr. Pedram Shojai - author, filmmaker, frequest guest on Dr. Ozand The Today Show, father, and an Urban Monk. Prosperityis a documentary about his journey - the discoveries and connections, surprises and disappointments, and an action plan to empower solutions. The documentary road trip by-passes the tradtional stops - no duty-derelict government agencies, no corporate greed-stalking, no political shaming. The Urban Monk is after something more powerful - Business. Not to attack, but to help steer it towards needed solutions. "To create a positive wake while making profits", says Pedram, "To have business redefine prosperity and change the world."