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A History of Women’s Achievement in America - A New Age of Equality

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1.) 1985 - Wilma Mankiller Becomes Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Wilma Mankiller was elected leader of the Cherokee Nation, one of many Native American women who became leaders in their tribes, was also one of few native American women writers.
2.) 1986 - Oprah Winfrey Initiates a New Era for Women in Television
Oprah Winfrey, a leader of women in television, was one of the women pioneers of television, a group that includes Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore.
3.) 1989 - Asian American Amy Tan Publishes The Joy Luck Club
Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club, is an American novelist writing about her Chinese culture.
4.) 1997 - Madeleine Albright Begins a New Era for Women in American Leadership
Madeleine Albright was one of the 20th century's women pioneers, and showed that women were becoming a force in leadership roles of government when appointed Secretary of State.
5.) 1998 - Pleasant Rowland Sells the American Girl Company
Pleasant Rowland, founder of the American Girl Company, was a women entrepreneur, in the mold of the American entrepreneur.
6.) 2001- Linda Alvarado Wins the Horatio Alger Award
Linda Alvarado, an American Entrepreneur, was a leading Hispanic business woman who won the Horatio Alger Award.