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First aired: April 8, 2019.

In the inspiring new 60-minute documentary, A Spark of Nerve, Producer Linda Schaller is given rare access to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Susan E. Mackinnon. The film follows the charismatic Mackinnon and her patients from the exam room to operating room as their extraordinary stories unfold. Loren was fifteen when she was brutally stabbed, severing the nerves in her neck. Michaelsuffered a freak chain saw accident while Chelsey survived a horrific car wreck. As a quadriplegic, Tom no longer had use of his hands. Viewers will be entranced with their emotional journeys from trauma and disappointment to hope and finally joy as movement is slowly regained. We also visit the Walter Reed Peripheral Clinic to learn how nerve transfer surgery is being used to help our Wounded Warriors. A Spark of Nerve is a remarkable story of life-changing innovation and personal triumph.