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This edition: Baby Boomers

Episode Details

Original tape date: June 12, 2013.

First aired: June 12, 2013.

Host Donna Hanover leads a roundtable discussion about how boomers affect society

Lisa Beth Kovetz looks back at the sixties and seventies..with interviews and historical footage

Mike Gilliam explores the aging brain and how to keep it healthy

Tinabeth Pina discusses baby boomer second careers

Andrew Falzon looks at how and where baby boomers will choose to live.

For more information: -
James Kunen -
Milken Institute
Senior Planet Exploration Center -
Unassisted Living (by Jeff Rosenfeld & Wid Chapman) -
NORC Services in NYC -
Samuel Field Y - Older Adult Services -
Columbia U. School of Physicians & Medicine -
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine -
Alzheimer’s Association -
McBurney Y -
The Dana Foundation Staying Sharp Forums -

Guest List

Marci Alboher Vice President,

K. Kevyne Baar NYU Historian, The Movement

Tom Brokaw Journalist, Historian, Author , The Movement- Boom! Voices of the Sixties

Dick DeBartolo Writer, The Movement- MAD's Maddest Writer

Todd Gitlin Author of Sixties , The Movement- Columbia School of Journalism

Donna Hannover

Tony Hiss Writer, The Movement- New York The Movement- New York Times

Mr. James Kunen Writer and ESL Teacher, Second Careers, LaGuardia Community College

Pat Lawler Resident, NORC

Charles Mobbs, Ph.D. Professor, Brain- Neuroscience and Geriatrics

Jeff Rosenfield Professor, Housing-The New School

Karen Schwab Director Older Adult Services, Samuel Field Y

Rebecca Scott Roundtable

Yaakov Stern, Ph.D. Professor, Clinical Neuropsychology, Columbia U. School of Physicians & Medicine

Dr. Carl Van Horn Professor of Public Policy, Second Careers- Rutgers

Mitch Waters Roundtables

May Wuthrich Audio Book Producer, Second Careers

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How much does your brain change with aging? Dr. Yaakov Stern explains.
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