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This edition: Remediation Program

Episode Details

Original tape date: May 17, 1999.

Host, Herman Badillo, Vice Chairman of the City University of New York Board of Trustees, discusses CUNY's remediation program with Mizanoor R. Biswas, President of the University Student Senate/CUNY. Biswas starts by describing his experience in the CUNY system as an international student and how he became President of the University Student Senate. Biswas and Badillo discuss the reaction on various CUNY campuses to the remediation program. They also discuss the concerns of students about the program, including larger class sizes and discouragement when applying as a student in the CUNY system.

Guest List

Herman Badillo Former Chairman, Board of Trustees, City University of New York

Md. Mizanoor R. Biswas Chairperson, University Student Senate/CUNY