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This edition: Judith Shapiro, Pres., Barnard College

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Original tape date: January 17, 2006.

As president of a well recognized women's college in New York City, having majored in Anthropology, and studied the gender roles of people in the Brazilian tropical forest in the late sixties as a grad student, Judith Shapiro has the experience to relate her views on gender relations, both globally and locally. She discusses how we can fight stereotypes that limit prospects for both men and women, as well as the social and educational opportunities of her campus and the wider ranging effects of single sex institutions on those that attend. Since students have to navigate a far more complex interactive world than students did several decades ago, President Shapiro encourages her students to move from interpersonal relationships to a willingness to see the larger political picture and take on the mantle for change that is so associated with college life.

Guest List

Ronnie M. Eldridge Host, Eldridge & Co.

Judith Shapiro President, Barnard College