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This edition: Shirley Sherrod, Milly Trevio-Sauceda, Rural Development Leadership Network

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Original tape date: February 28, 2006.

Ms. Sherrod and Ms. Trevio-Sauceda from the Rural Development Leadership Network are attending the 50th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, which is working to pull disparate groups of women together from all over the world to discuss rural agrarian issues. Both are working to train other women to do policy work and understand county, state and federal programs to help their local communities. Ms. Tevio-Sauceda has worked since she was eight years old and now assists rural women farm workers mostly in the western states, who face isolation, harassment, too often rape that they are blamed for, poor living conditions, almost non-existent health care and poverty from low wages. Ms. Sherrod focuses on the rural south of her childhood, working with black farmers trying to hold onto their land as they still face racism, poverty, and failing market share. She is hoping to organize larger farmer co-ops that can then sell their produce to the underserved inner city.

Guest List

Ronnie M. Eldridge Host, Eldridge & Co.

Shirley Sherrod Rural Development Leadership Network

Mily Trevio-Sauceda Rural Development Leadership Network