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This edition: "Dr. DuBois and Miss Ovington" Coss & Chalfant

Episode Details

Original tape date: January 6, 2014.

First aired: January 22, 2014.

Some may not know of Mary White Ovington, or her life's work as a suffragette, socialist, unitarian, journalist, and the first white woman to dedicate her life to to racial equality. A trusted colleague and friend of W.E.B Du Bois, instrumental in the formation of the NAACP, Miss Ovington is the high-powered, flirty, amorous character sparing with Dr. Du Bois in Clare Coss's compelling play, "Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington." Miss Ovington is played by the award-winning, distinguished actress, Kathleen Chalfant.

Guest List

Kathleen Chalfant Actor, "Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington"

Clare Coss Playwright, "Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington"