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This edition: Tradition Meets Modernity: New Energy for Taiwanese Music

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In Taiwan, music moves to a different beat. While Western, Japanese, Chinese and other types of world music are popular, Taiwans specialties are traditional styles and fusion music—the marriage of traditional forms with modern interpretations. These forms, and today’s outstanding artists, are introduced in this film. While the phenomenon of fusion music is seen around the world, when artists like Taiwanese opera singer Kuo Chun-mei and electronica composer Su Tong-da team up, the results are remarkable and unique. The indigenous members of band Totem incorporate elements of their heritage into their modern rock music, while Kou Chou Ching drops beats telling old tales once shared by street performers to a new, hip-hop rhythm. No matter which forms of music you enjoy, be they modern, traditional, or fusion, Taiwans creative artists are sure to please!

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